Packed with powerful insights, tools, and practices, 
this book is a potent resource for aspiring, emerging,
and seasoned business leaders alike.
​You will learn to:

·  Demystify the process of working with lenders and investors

· Comparison shop for the right funding source

   Select the best financing option for you·  

·  Speak “finance” with the right terminology, stats and reports

·  Show you are the “A” management team – even if you are a really small business

· Develop persuasive, effective business models and marketing plans

·  Showcase your customer base and growth opportunities

· Highlight your competitive advantages

You will also discover how to:

· Maximize personal and business credit ratings and overcome low scores

·  Identify collateral for securing funding

· Show how your success can make the financing source money

·  Position yourself as the ideal company for any financing source

· Craft a winning presentation for lenders and investors

Mastering the Money Maze is your roadmap to financing success. You will gain a practical guide to navigate the intricacies of the financing maze. This book provides a clear path on how to get ready for debt or equity financing and win the money you need to grow your business!

Diane focuses on the tips, techniques and strategies that help businesses navigate the treacherous maze of the financing process. Financing sources want to fund well-run businesses. With her unique combination of industry knowledge, Diane's forte is helping businesses synchronize strategic goals with business functional areas to achieve peak performance.

Diane is CEO of the Weklar Business Institute, which provides online and onsite training and coaching on a variety of services to businesses, including strategic execution, performance optimization, integrated marketing solutions, and obtaining capital.

Diane has an MBA in Finance and Marketing and a B.A. in Economics, and is an adjunct professor at the University of Redlands. She writes and speaks extensively for many national, state and local trade and professional organizations ranging from the American Bar Association to the American Marketing Association onto the National Association of Women Business Owners.
The #1 best selling book, Mastering the Money Maze, 
offers valuable tips and essentials on 
who, what, when, where, and how to win business financing.


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This is how you do it:

​Available in Kindle and Paperback
​Diane Weklar has been igniting business growth and profits for 25 years in the corporate and consulting arenas. She grew up in a family business and became a serial entrepreneur, creating companies in the business services, technology and professional services arenas. Her mission is to help small businesses--the true job creators--accelerate their growth by helping them get the money they need to expand their businesses and the economy. Diane wrote Mastering the Money Maze: 10 Secrets to Winning Business Financing, to provide practical insight for business owners and managers who need to raise capital.  She shares with them the secrets that lenders and investors really want them to know to present themselves as the ideal company that they want to invest in.

Mastering the Money Maze demolishes the myth that small business owners cannot obtain business financing. This is much more than a “how-to” book. It is a road map to success for small business owners to obtain financing for growth. This information levels the playing field for small businesses, helping them to attract the attention of lenders and investors and exponentially increase their possibility for success.

~Sophia Brooks, CEO, 
Global Learning Partners, Inc.
Mastering the Money Maze will become the finance Bible for all small business owners. Diane shows small business owners how to cut through the red tape and confusion that lending institutions put up that make the lending process onerous and intimidating. Diane’s insights into the financing world will level the playing field for small business owners.
                                                 ~Beverly Rubio, President, BAR Strategia
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